Pretty Water Lake

Pretty Water Lake Trout Season is in full swing! November 12, 2016 - March 31, 2017. Call Tom Chandler at (918) 227-1534 or (918) 227-5151 for more information.

The Pretty Water Lake Revitalization Project with the Family Rainbow Trout Fishing Program won the 1998 Oklahoma State Award of Excellence given by the Oklahoma Recreation & Park Society. Since 1994, when the massive Pretty Water Lake Cleanup and Revitalization Project planned and started by the City’s Parks Department, the City of Sapulpa has invested enormous amounts of in-kind labor, equipment, materials and financial expenditures, as well as acquiring over $155,000.00 in grants for momentous and lasting improvements to the Lake.

A beautiful, natural, spring-fed, 18 surface acre “jewel” of a lake with an appropriate name, the lake area is completely ADA accessible now, and is also easily navigated by foot, automobile or bicycle. The Lake has three offshore fishing docks, and a scenic pedestrian bridge which spans a beautiful waterfalls area. The Lake is located in the heart of Creek County in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, and is easily accessible from Highway 97, Highway 117, the Creek and Turner Turnpikes, and from many other heavily traveled arterials. Currently, it is most heavily used by people living in the Sapulpa and Creek County Areas. From Highway 97 and 86thStreet, go 1 mile west on 86th until you see the Lake on your left hand side.

The Lake has picnic facilities, and features the “Pretty Trail”, the first phase of which has been completed and features a ½ mile long, eight-foot (8’) wide, concrete-surfaced, multi-purpose recreation trail, that provides expanded outdoor fitness and exercise opportunities, combining same with the existing boating and fishing opportunities currently available at the Lake. Everyone can now enjoy the safe and beautiful natural setting while also experiencing the many parallel health benefits of a leisurely stroll, jog, or ride around the Lake. The new “Pretty Trail” connects all of the Lake’s amenities, thereby making Pretty Water “barrier-free” and totally ADA accessible. The Park Department’s exciting future planning efforts will bring about the completion of the Pretty Water Trail, which will encompass and encircle the entire lake are with a 1.5 mile loop, and scenic trail route.

Pretty Water Lake is the home of the Sapulpa Park Department’s popular, winter Rainbow Trout Stocking Program. Currently in its 20th season, the stocking program which runs annually from November through March, is utilized and enjoyed by people in the State-wide area. Pretty Water Lake is also home to the Department’s summer Channel Catfish and Hybrid Panfish Stocking Program, which also runs annually, from May until October. The City Lake now accommodates a very broad range of outdoor recreational interests and is a great tourist attraction for the Community.


Pretty Water Lake Proposed Stocking Schedule for 2016-2017

October 24 -     653 lbs,   Appox 980 Fish
November 8 -     225 lbs,    Approx 337 Fish
December 1 -     350 lbs,    Approx 525 Fish
December 27 -     225 lbs,    Approx 337 Fish
January 10 -     225 lbs,    Approx 337 Fish
January 24 -     225 lbs,    Approx 337 Fish
February 7 -     225 lbs,    Approx 337 Fish
February 21 -     225 lbs,    Approx 337 Fish

Totals:     2,353 lbs     3,527 Fish

Cost Per Pound
To calculate the total cost you take 2,353 pounds at $4.25 per pound to get $10,000.

Lake details

location 13801 W. 86th Street South
Sapulpa, OK 74066
Click here for directions.

(3) Fishing Docks
Boating - (Electric motors only)
Picnic Facilities
Walking Trails
ADA Accessible

Season Passes 2017 Season Passes
Available at the Lake Sahoma Bait Shop, Sapulpa & Sand Springs Walmart Locations
10 (yrs) - 15 (yrs):   $10
16 (yrs) - 64 (yrs):   $15
65 (yrs) and older:   $10
Contact us Tom Chandler (Lake Caretaker - Sahoma Lake Bait & Concessions)
(918) 227-1534
(Bait shop)
(918) 224-5151

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Pretty Water Lake

Pretty Water Lake

Pretty Water Lake

Pretty Water Lake